Latest Trends in Cybersecurity


Trends in Cybersecurity

The release of the latest Cisco security report shows that the cost of data breaches amounted to more than 20% of revenue on top of a substantial loss of customers and opportunities for more than a third of the organisations breached in 2016.

Some of the report’s major findings included

  • Ransomware is dominating the malware market although it is not a new threat it has evolved to become the most profitable malware type
  • Adobe Flash vulnerabilities continue to pose a prominent threat
  • There is a false sense of security about secure connections

Recommendations from Cisco researchers include:

  • Instituting and testing an incident response plan that will enable a swift return to normal business operations following a ransomware attack
  • Not blindly trusting HTTPS connections and SSL certificates
  • Moving quickly to patch published vulnerabilities in software and systems, including routers and switches that are the components of critical Internet infrastructure
  • Educating users about the threat of malicious browser infections
  • Understanding what actionable threat intelligence really is

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Could a cyber risks cause disruptions to critical business infrastructure

Cyber Risks

Cyber Risks to critical business infrastructure

When a scheduled flight of a wide-body airliner is cancelled it can cost the airline up to $43,000. So you can imagine what kind of day executives at LOT, the Polish national airline, were having last year when 20 flights were cancelled after computers that issue its flight plans were breached.

“The aviation industry’s growing reliance on data networks, and onboard computer and navigation networks, is rendering it increasingly vulnerable to cyber risks,” says Erlend Munthe-Kaas of Bloomberg Intelligence. “Airlines rely on computers for almost every aspect of operations. As a result, cyber incidents can have devastating consequences, including business interruption and loss of reputation.”

“There’s beginning to be a shift beginning to educate businesses to see the wider, deeper cyber risks picture that in many cases has gone unacknowledged.”

Think of it as cyber creep. The risks aren’t just about protecting your customer’s data, although that remains important. They are insinuating themselves into every nook of your business, creating the possibility of mass disruption to operations and critical infrastructure. As the world becomes more connected, and businesses rely more on machine-to-machine communication and automated manufacturing, the cyber risks pile up. One day, production might grind to a halt. Critical transactions might not take place. Shipments could be steered to incorrect destinations. Planes might not take off.

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